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Max Curious Productions develops, produces, and edits compelling and effective videos for television, businesses, and the web.

Our goal is to build lasting relationships with our clients based on the quality of our work, trust, and client satisfaction. We want to produce amazing work and exceed our client's expectations.

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We are working on some exciting projects for Sterling Talent Solutions. This is the first out of the gate that sets the tone and direction for an upward trajectory for this very exciting company that helps so many people around the globe!

WORKFORCE LOGIQ Rebrand and Launch with Unexpected Conversation Videos

Casting, shooting, and editing new videos for the recently rebranded WORKFORCE LOGIQ. We had a great time working with these talented actors (Wendy Heagy, John Square, Regina Rockensies, Ruthie Stephens) to bring this ‘Unexpected Conversation’ to life. Huge thank you to our client David Trachtenberg for the great script and direction.

With a Wave of his Washed-up Wand, Magic Michael appears on IFC

Max Curious Pro produced a series of interstitial comedy bits called Magic Michael for IFC. With a live broadcast from his Mom’s basement, Magic Michael attempts to delight and bewilder with the most pathetic magic act ever seen. Featuring the the “magic” of comedian, Dave Hill and his supporting cast of characters (Mom - Wendy Susan Hammer, Amazing Andrew - Todd Hunt, and Firefighter - Claire Burns). Written, directed and edited by the wizard, Chris Molinaro.

Max Curious Pro received a 5 Star rating!


In our field, it’s hard to get bored. Between constantly changing technologies and constantly evolving clients, we spend every day creating visual content that is new, creative, and uniquely us. At Max Curious, we’ve always been proud of our versatile expertise and ability to create high-quality branded content, and we’re not the only ones showing off that pride. Recently, our clients have spoken out about our work in brief phone interviews with Clutch.

Clutch is a ratings and reviews site dedicated to providing in-depth analyses of B2B service providers worldwide. On their platform, the firm researches everything from mobile app developers to logo designers to video production companies. To help them do so, Clutch enlists clients who speak first-hand about their experiences with this wide-range of partners in details reviews, offering a unique insight into what it really means to be a great partner. 

Since joining Clutch in April, several Max Curious clients have taken a moment to share their thoughts video production services with the Clutch team, leaving us an overall 5-star rating (out of 5) on our profile. Here are some of the highlights from those reviews: 

"The finished pieces are very high-end, which aligns with our partner's brand. They reflect the different personalities of the bartenders, which was a key goal for us. They entertain the audience with interesting stories about life beyond the bar, but also show you how to make some beautiful cocktails."

"They’re incredibly communicative and proactive, as well as deadline and budget driven, which is great. They’re the kind of vendor that does what they need to do to make sure they deliver on time, working late nights or weekends if necessary."

"They were phenomenal and took on a lot of responsibilities, including logistics and administrative tasks. I was expecting to have to do a lot more of the project management than I had to. They're a very collaborative group and were open to allowing me to be very involved in their process. They understood the type of content we needed to create—that they weren't creative films, but rather branded media pieces for a business."

"Whenever I’ve tried anyone else, I’ve always gone back to Max Curious. I’ve never not been happy with the work or the relationship. I’m not very objective in this sense, but I’m very happy with this team, and I’m always happy to engage them."

From major entertainment networks like The Sundance Channel to small consultancies like The Chilton Group, we’re incredibly proud of the unique work we do for every partner we take on. As we continue to work with Clutch to earn client feedback, we’re excited to hear what our clients have to say.

Thank You Clients and Thank You Clutch!

VFX, Color Correct & Mix for The Blue Flame Agency's Ciroc Commercials

Working for The Blue Flame Agency on VFX, color correction and audio mixing for four commercial spots featuring Ciroc Apple and Ciroc Peach vodkas.  Audio mix by Joe Deihl and visual correction edits by Hector Olivieri.

It's All Johnny Manhattan

Worked under the direction of Dan Goggin and Lyle Saunders to create a two minute teaser for the new musical Johnny Manhattan.  Editor Hector really worked his magic on this one. Bravo! Bravo! Encore!

Summer Movie Trailers Time

Max Curious produced a series of spoof summer movie trailers celebrating and featuring four employees doing amazing work at Dun & Bradstreet.  Thank you Corporate Communications for your guidance. Editing by Hector Olivieri. Please pass the popcorn.