Shooting Lifetime's Betty & Coretta Red Carpet Premiere

The Max Curious Pro crew was shooting footage at the Betty & Coretta premiere last night at the Tribeca Cinemas in New York City.  It was a crowded, fun event.  Celebs were on the red carpet... Angela Bassett, Mary J. Blige, Ruby Dee, and others.  The World Premiere of Betty & Coretta is this Saturday at 8pm!  Annelise Paull was on camera and Dafydd Cooksey on sound.

Angela Bassett and Mary J. Blige on the Red Carpet at premiere of Betty & Coretta
Max Curious Pro shooting red carpet for Lifetime's premiere of Betty & Coretta. Lifetime's Ben Asher doing the interviewing. Anneliese Paull on camera and Dafydd Cooksey on sound.

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